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Krinkle and Squeaky Newspaper Plush Dog Toy

$3.00 - $4.00


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Product Description

If you think squeak toys are old news, think again. Made from durable canvas material, the Doggone Times comes complete with 3 squeakers, crinkle paper that creates a unique rustling sound, and of course hilarious “news” articles just for your sophisticated dog. It’s purrfect for a game of toss and fetch!

✓ Designed with crinkle paper that creates an enticing rustling sound your dog will love.
✓ Contains three squeakers for added excitement as your dog plays.
✓ Wrapped in doggone funny “news” articles to amuse you and your house guests.
✓ Encourages play and exercise to keep your dog in good physical shape.
✓ Durable, lightweight canvas is paw-fect for a game of fetch with your furry friend.
✓ It floats.

Materials: Durable canvas

Dimensions: Small (7") | Large (10")